We offer wide range of professional networking solution to support your end-to-end Data & Voice cabling infrastructure.
  • Structured fibre & Copper Data & Voice cabling systems to inside and outside Industrial Plant, Corporate, GOVT and other verticals from small size to large size of Structured cabling Solutions.
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems
  • Data centre solutions – Appropriate tier level| Rack Elevation | Power | Cooling | Raised floor | Cabling.
  • Underground cabling distribution, Entrance Facility, Pathway design & consolidation.
  • Existing infrastructure assessment & evaluation of readiness for emerging application, technologies & advance network integration services
  • All Solutions & Services adhere to EIA/TIA Standards.
  • Indoor & Outdoor from 6 to 24 core Optical Fibre with end-to-end Accessories.
  • CAT5E, CAT6 & CAT6A Copper UTP/STP/SFTP/ Unarmoured & Armoured Cables with end to end Accessories.
  • Multi pair Raiser Copper from 2 to 200 Pair Unarmoured & Armoured cables
  • MDF Connecting Block from 10pair to 5000 Pair or …>>>> indoor and outdoor as per the standard.
  • Rack Cabinets 19" angle Closed , Open or customised type in all dimension & U's with all Accessories.
  • Raised Floor, Cable Trays & Ladders and other Pathway accessories
  • Analyzer, End-to-End Testing and Splicing Equipments & other Termination tools.